National Confab: Praise-Singing Competition for Jonathan

No day passes at the National Conference without a new adjective being added to the ones already used in paying tribute to President Goodluck Jonathan for making the national dialogue a reality. It has now become common thing for delegates to begin debate at the conference by first describing President Jonathan in different adjectives.

Some of the commonly used adjectives range from, “A nationalist, patriotic leader, visionary, dynamic, pragmatic sincere and humble leader as well as gender sensitive President…

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Akpabio’s Ikot Ekpene Townhall Meeting

Arik Air keeps New York-bound passengers hostage in a faulty A/C aircraft

Solar flare captured in NASA video

A NASA video released this week features striking footage of a mid-level solar flare recently captured by the space agency’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Solar flares are large bursts of radiation that manifest themselves as a moment of sudden brightness over the sun’s surface.

The video highlights an M-class flare with an intensity level of 6.5 — much stronger than an M1 flare, the weakest of the group. The X-class, which is the most intense flare, is 10 times more powerful than the M-Class.

CBN Governor-designate praises Sanusi-led CBN leadership over banking supervision

Serious Diss of Life!

Two-thirds of the world’s extreme poor are concentrated in just five countries – India, China, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Turkish court overturns Twitter ban in the country

The Turkish Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday that a countrywide Twitter ban violated principles of free speech in Turkey, and ordered Turkey’s Telecommunications Directorate to cease the block on the microblogging service immediately.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan blocked access to the service nearly two weeks ago, just days before nationwide critical elections were held.

“We welcome this Constitutional Court ruling, and hope to have Twitter access restored in Turkey soon,” Twitter’s policy team said in a tweet.

Power belongs to God and mandate belongs to the people.

What is Ebola and why does it kill?

An outbreak of Ebola virus has killed at least 70 people in Guinea since its symptoms were first observed last month.

In a statement Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) said the total number of suspected cases was 110.

UNICEF earlier said at least three of the victims were children.

"In Guinea, a country with a weak medical infrastructure, an outbreak like this can be devastating," the UNICEF representative in Guinea, Dr. Mohamed Ag Ayoya, said in a statement.

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